The telephone was one of the fashion icons once.

When the telephone was first invented, it was seen as a convenient communications device.
It soon became a symbol of status and even a fashion item. And today, it has become the most important tool for expressing
your own individuality.
We've moved from "a phone in every house" to "a phone in every hand" ... from "devices that can be used as phones"
to "devices that have infinite functions and features."
In the 150 years between the original patent application for the telephone in 1876 and today, the telephone has moved outside of the house
and become a device that can travel absolutely anywhere.
Alexander Graham Bell, Elisha Gray, and Thomas Edison were the three individuals closely involved with the invention of the telephone.
It was their achievements that made it possible for us to have this wonderful communications device today.
At ARTRANCECHURCH, our work on manufacturing Jewel Phones is a symbol of our gratitude for this boon.